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Asturias "Costa Verde" Northern Spain - Golfing - Skiing - Surfing - Asturian Cuisine

About Asturias

Asturias is found on the central part of the northern Atlantic coast, known as the “Costa Verde” between the regions of Galicia to the west and Cantabria to the east. It is a most unspoilt region of Spain. It boasts some of the finest sandy beaches to be found anywhere, many of which have blue flag status. You are only a short drive from the famous “Picos de Europa” mountains with its national park where wild bears still roam freely. The famous religious site of Covadonga, the Patron Saint of Asturias, is less than half an hour drive. Oviedo, the capital city of Asturias, is less than an hour drive to the west and is well worth a visit for its pre-romanesque cathedral, museums and shopping. The city has been transformed in the last decade with large injections of government money and there are numerous pleasant spots to eat and drink. The vibrant city of Gijón is 45 minutes drive away and has also been transformed in recent years with a new seafront promenade and aquarium.
The Asturian climate is temperate with beautiful summers without the blistering dry heat of the south and mild winters. It is certainly warmer than Britain throughout the year.

More information can be found on and in a Daily Telegraph article about Asturias.
Playa de Poo  Northern Spain Covadonga Playa Toranda Niembro Church
Asturian Cuisine

Asturian food is bountiful but not expensive and consists of wonderful bean and meat stews (Fabada), excellent seafood, tasty cured meats and chorizo sausages and a wide variety of cheese, in fact Asturias boasts over 40 different cheeses!
The Spanish do have quite a different approach to eating to the English which can sometimes lead to problems if you are looking for somewhere to eat in remote areas early in the evening. The tradition is very much to eat a very large three-course lunch around three in the afternoon either at home or in a restaurant. This is the famous “Menu del Dia” (Menu of the Day). This means that most Spaniards don’t even think of eating in the evening until nine or later. This does have it’s advantages, provided you find a restaurant that is open by eight you won’t have to wait for a table!

The “Menu del Dia”

This is basically the same as the French “Fixe Prix” menu and consists of a three course fixed price meal, usually around 8 to 10 euros, including bread and water, wine, beer or soft drink, but not coffee. The main difference being that the first course will often be as big, if not bigger, than the second.
The Menu del Dia is generally only served in the afternoon but there are some restaurants that serve it all day long or do a “Menu de la Noche” (Menu of the Night) for a similar price.
The first course might be Grilled Prawns, Paella, Fabada (Asturian broad bean stew with meats), Cocido (a type of casserole), Revuelto (a kind of stir fry usually with beans or mushrooms) or Fish Soup.(Sopa de Pescado)
The second course will usually be either grilled meat or fish with chips and sometimes some vegetables. If you don’t like garlic be sure to ask for it to come “sin ajo”(pronounced “agh-o”)
The third course or “Postre” will be a sweet of some kind, usually quite small, either ice cream, yoghurt, crème caramel, natillas or if you are lucky some home made cheesecake.
If there are a few of you it is a good idea to mix it up and order a bit of everything. There is always more than you can possibly eat.

The Sidreria

There is a big cider making tradition in Asturias. The cider is flat and is aerated by being poured from a great height on to the top edge of a tilted cider glass, which is not as easy as it looks, but don’t be shy have a go! In some Sidrerias they have small barrels with a cut out so that you can place your glass inside to stop the spillage going everywhere.
The waiter will only pour about one inch in depth into the glass and will then hand it to the first person to drink. He will then pour the same for the next person and so on. Some English people may find this pace of drinking a little slow!
To go with your cider most Sidrerias do wonderful tapas, a great way to taste a wide variety of different and exciting dishes.

The Asturian people are extremely warm and welcoming and any language barriers are overcome with ease but don’t forget to pack your dictionary and phrasebook just in case as English is not widely spoken. However in recent times more and more restaurants are translating their menus into English.

Surfing Information

The Asturian coastline is also a fantastic place for surfing and the apartment is well situated close to a number of excellent surfing beaches. The region has waves all year round although spring and autumn are the preferred months to surf due to consistent swell and good weather. Water temperatures are pleasant although a wetsuit is recommended.
The nearest surfing beach to the apartment is Playa San Antolin, this beach is a 5 minute drive away and the beach can clearly be seen from the road heading west. San Antolin has waves on all tides although is better from mid to high tide. There is parking on the beach and on the road above. The beach has excellent waves, which break next to the picturesque natural archway. There is another beach good for surfing approximately 7 minutes away, Playa Torimbia, although a long walk is needed to get down to the beach.
Ribadasella is a popular surfing beach about 20 minutes drive away, the waves are very consistent here and are best on a high tide. This is a safe, sandy beach suitable for beginners.
The best surfing break in the area is Rodiles which is located within a beautiful national park, Rodiles is situated about 30 minutes drive away heading towards Oviedo, There is a large sandy beach here with numerous waves but the jewel in the crown is the world class lefthander which breaks in front of the river mouth, this wave is more suited to experienced surfers due to the nature of the rip currents from the estuary there.
These are the main surfing breaks near the apartment complex but there are many more hidden coves and beaches worth exploring.

Golfing Information

Golf is well catered for in Asturias where you can play golf in exceptionally natural surroundings, with courses ideal for all different levels, just a few kilometres apart set in stunning landscapes.
Summer temperatures rarely in excess of 25º centigrade add up to a perfect environment for the playing of golf with the added bonus of un-crowded courses and low green fees.
The nearest is the municipal golf course located between the villages of Cué and Andrín 4km east
of Llanes.
It is a Scotch link type eighteen hole course. Par 71. White stakes: 5.859 metres. SSS:72 Yellow stakes:5.687 metres. SSS71 Blue stakes 5.009 metres. It is a location that enjoys beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area.
There are other courses in Ribadasella, Villaviciosa, as well as 4 to choose from in Gijón and 2 in Oviedo. There is also a 9 hole, par 3, pitch and putt course at the Hotel Aldama in Quintana 1 km from the apartment. The hotel also has a very nice restaurant which does a menu del dia for about 18 euros. This is only served during the day, in the evening you have to eat from the main menu.


Skiing Information

There are four small alpine skiing resorts within an hour and a half to two hours drive from the apartment, three in the direction of Oviedo and one in the direction of Santander. The journey to the stations near Oviedo will soon be shortened by a new motorway junction and a new bypass.
The first two, San Isidro and Fuentes de Invierno are soon two be combined into one area.
San Isidro has 23km of piste, Fuentes de Invierno 8.8 km, Valgrande Pajares 23km and Alto Campoo 27.

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